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Sale price€320,00 EUR

Harmony of style and subtle charm. The delicate shade of vanilla on the top of the shoe perfectly complements the snow-white sole, creating a subtle yet striking contrast. The high-quality soft leather makes the shoes exceptionally comfortable, and the memory foam insole provides true wearing comfort. The 2-centimeter sole adds a slightly sporty character to the moccasins, which is contrasted by the elegant gold brand logo and embossed stamp with a unique serial number.

Upper: natural leather
Sole: 20 mm, Extralight material
Lining: leather, fusbet memory foam insoles*

*Adjustable sizes. In order to customise the shoes (e.g. increase by ½ size), we recommend removing the fusbet insole from the inside and then removing the white felt lining underneath.

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KAYLA VANILLA Sale price€320,00 EUR
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